On February 27, 2020“Article 42 of the Constitution” released a study report on execution of rulings of the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations treaty bodies in Georgia. 
The report was released with the assistance of the USAID and the East-West Management Institute.

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The present document contains the facts and evaluation on the case of Afgan Mukhtarli. Afgan Mukhtarli, an Azerbaijani journalist and activist who found shelter in Georgia as the result of persecution in Azerbaijan, was allegedly abducted in Georgia on May 29, 2017, and forcibly taken to Azerbaijan where he was detained in custody.
The document at hand presents facts about the disappearance and alleged abduction of Afgan in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia and analyzes criminal investigation launched by Georgian investigation authorities over this fact, trial hearings of Afgan in Azerbaijan and litigation before the European Court of Human Rights. The main findings of the report refer to ineffectiveness of pending criminal investigation in Georgia, particularly, problems of institutional independence of the criminal investigation; failure to gather important evidence on the case; legal qualification and status of Mr. Mukhtarli in the criminal case, as well as alleged unlawful surveillance and chasing.
To date, criminal investigation in Georgia over the fact of alleged abduction of the Azerbaijani journalist is pending. 
The below document presents the facts and circumstances, which were identified and observed by HRHT and its member organization, Article 42 of the constitution, during the work on Afgan Mukhtarli’s case.