“Article 42 of the Constitution” responds to dispersion of the demonstration with the use of violence on 20 June

"Article 42 of the Constitution" responds to the fact of breaking up of the demonstrators with the use of forceful methods on June 20 and believes that the actions of the government have gone beyond the frames set by the Georgian legislation and has turned into repression from the disproportionate response action. 

Yesterday, participants of peaceful protest gathered in front of the parliament building of Georgia in protest of the Russian politician's ceremonial reception that supported the recognition of the occupied territories as independent states. Participants also demanded to take responsibility and resign from the Chairman of the Parliament.

Under the circumstances the state failed to assess the level of severity of the dissatisfaction amongst the population accurately and was not able to de-escalate the critical situation. As a result, the manifestation escalated into the violent confrontation between the police forces and the members of the rally. 

Demonstrators were dispersed with use of the tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons by the Special Forces and police.  Following the dispersion of the main part of the rally, law enforcers continued to use rubber bullets and tear gas against the protesters. Finally, according to various data, 240 people were injured during the dispersal in Tbilisi, including at least 12 journalists; some people lost their eyes and suffered severe surgery.

Considering the number of the casualties and the degrees of the corporal injuries, "Article 42 of the Constitution" believes that the State used critically disproportionate, unreasonable and repressive force against the participants of the demonstration. Preventing the possible illegal actions of certain individuals cannot justify the brutality and crimes carried out by the authorities.

"Article 42 of the Constitution," believes that for the de-escalation of the situation it is important that the government takes all legal measures to find the officials behind the orders to use the disproportionate force and hold them accountable in accordance with the law.

"Article 42 of the Constitution" offers legal assistance to all the people who have suffered as a result of the violent dispersion of the demonstration or have been illegally detained.