Announcement of „Article 42 of the Constitution“ on the death of construction workers and detention of the rally participants

Organization “Article 42 of the Constitution” responds to death of two construction workers on March 31, at #31 Chavchavadze Ave. and the peaceful protest rally held by the activists and assumes, that the Government failed to realize fundamental rights of the gathered people.

Workers’ death at the place of employment has been beyond the attention of the state for years;

The lives and health of people at hazardous work is unprotected and risky, and the number of dead and injured workers is alarming.[1]

Effective investigation of death cases and health damage in place of employment still remains a problem, together with granting appropriate qualification to these cases and impunity of those responsible.[2] The State’s labor policy leaves socially vulnerable people even more unprotected, for whom physical work is the only source of income.

Yesterday's manifestation, held to criticize the state's labor policy, where police had to ensure the peaceful conduct of the protest, ended by detention of 6 persons.

Activists, who tried to express their solidarity to the dead by blocking Chavchavadze Avenue, were arrested using disproportionate force for violation of public order and disobedience to the lawful demand of the police.

[1] According to the Report of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia, 59 people have died at the workplace and 199 received occupational injuries in 2018. The report is available at:

[2] The city and district courts have only discussed 35 cases regarding occupational accidents and made decision of imprisonment as a real punishment only in 2 cases. Source: Parliamentary Report of the Public Defender, 2018.