Finished Projects

Project title: Civil society engagement in the ICC Georgia investigation

Project duration: February, 2018 – 31 May, 2019

Project Implementation Period: The Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)

Project Goal and objectives: The purpose of the project is supported to International Criminal Court the in the process of investigation of the Georgian-Russian war, which include to collaborate with Office of the prosecutor, cooperation with the chancellery and its departments, assistance to the victims during the investigation process; International advocate company.

Project activity: The project activity include to inform internally displaced persons living in IDP settlements them about International Criminal Court investigations process. To make research through the special questionnaire about their needs and then preparation of the report.
The project is implemented by the member organizations of Georgian Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

Coalition member organizations are:
  • Huma right center
  • Article 42 of the constitution
  • Georgian Young Lawyers' Association (GYLA)
  • Justice International (JI)
  • The Georgian center for psychosocial and medical rehabilitation of torture victims

Project name: Combating harassment/sexual harassment at workplaces in Georgia through education, legal consultations/litigation and policy advocacy.

Project goal: Develop regulations of harassment/sexual harassment at workplaces in Georgian legal system; create effective legal mechanisms for combating harassment/sexual harassment at workplaces.

Project tasks:

1. Awareness raising of public on problems of harassment/sexual harassment of employees at workplace in different work sector – public or private;

2. Awareness raising of law professionals and law students on problems of harassment/sexual harassment of employees at workplace;

3. Providing legal consultations to the victims of harassment/sexual harassment;

4. Internal regulations to prevent and combat harassment/sexual harassment are developed in municipalities;

5. Conduct lobbying activities to develop the legal definition of harassment/sexual harassment in Georgian legislation.

Project time frame: From August 01, 2018 to February 28, 2019.


Canada fund for local initiatives (CFLI).