Current Projects

Project title: Protecting and Empowering Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Humanitarian Status Holders in Georgia

Project Goal: Legal Protection of Refugees, Humanitarian Status Holders and Asylum Seekers

I Objective: Access to and quality of status determination procedures improved

Following activities will be implemented in order to achieve the abovementioned project objective:

§  Provide legal information and counselling to newly arrived asylum seekers on the asylum procedure, including rights and obligations during the entire stage of asylum procedure in Georgia, including in Martkopi reception centre;

§  Monitor the needs for information of asylum-seekers and  respond to these needs in a pro-active manner;

§  Develop protection information materials based on needs identified in practice and, once cleared with UNHCR, ensure translation in relevant languages, printing and dissemination;

§  Collect all the protection information materials developed and to ensure they are available on-line;

§  Provide information about the relevant institutions and agencies that would provide social and other assistance to asylum seekers (where to go for help) as well as to the relevant institutions about the rights and entitlements of refugees, humanitarian status holders and asylum seekers in Georgia as per the national, regional and international legislation;

§  Contribute to monitoring of the legislative modifications and to be actively involved in providing legislative comments in areas directly affecting the project beneficiaries.

II Objective: Access to legal assistance and legal remedies improved

Following activities will be implemented in order to achieve second project objective:

§  provide legal counselling and legal assistance to asylum-seekers during the entire stage of asylum procedures and to legally represent in courts, including at the Constitutional Court of Georgia and European Court of Human Rights, cases of strategic importance;

§  provide legal counselling and assistance in other types of cases, e.g. naturalisation, access to rights and services by asylum-seekers and detention, with the aim to create positive jurisprudence and precedent setting judgments with legal representation to a limited number of cases that will be chosen based on agreed criteria;

§  Monitor the profiling and in-depth interviews in selected number of cases;

§  Support all asylum-seekers approaching their office in preparing their asylum applications as required by the national legislation;

§  Persons with specific needs will be timely identified and will be treated with priority in provision of specialised legal services;

§  Active coordination with Legal Aid Service of Georgia;

§  Monitor access to justice in regard to administrative, civil and criminal cases involving refugees and asylum-seekers, and, where necessary, provide legal support to identified cases.  

Project Implementation Period: 1 January, 2019 – 31 December, 2019

Project is financially supported by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Name of the Project: Enhancing execution of the ECtHR judgment and decisions of the UN Treaty Bodies related to criminal justice and judiciary through research and advocacy

Purpose of the Project: To facilitate transformation of the criminal justice policy and judiciary to make them in line with the international human rights standards through enhanced monitoring of the implementation of the judgments delivered by the European Court of Human Rights (the ECtHR) and the UN Treaty Bodies against Georgia concerning those issues.

Objectives of the Project:

· To enhance monitoring of implementation of judgments/decisions of the ECtHR and UN Treaty Bodies concerning criminal justice and judiciary issues;

· To enhance work of NGOs and practicing lawyers, particularly, those involved in litigation before the ECtHR and the UN mechanisms of human rights protection;

· To enhance national mechanisms of execution of judgment/decision of international human rights bodies and their monitoring on domestic level.

Project Duration: 1 September 2018 – 31 July 2019

Financial Support: USAID, East-West Management Institute, Project: “Promoting Rule of Law in Georgia”