Mr. Mkervalishvili is Executive Director of the “Article 42” since 2020.

Vladimer Mkervalishvili, Ph.D., is Full Professor at Tbilisi Open University. He is specializing in Journalism and communication and PR. Vladimir obtained his Ph.D. in Philology/Oriental Studies and MA in Law from Tbilisi State University.  Mr. Mkervalishvili worked as a scholar at American University in Washington (USA); Cambridge and Oxford Universities (UK) and was free researcher at Ca `Foscari University, Venice (Italy); was leding various BA and MA courses at Tbilisi State University (TSU) and Georgian-American University (GAU).
Work experience:
Mr. Mkervalishvili has served a communication and PR experts to various NGOs and International organizations, including CoE, UNDP, USAID, IFES. Realizing the central role of communication and because of his personal and particular interest of them, Vladimer built skills in strategic communication and outreach and focused his efforts on communicating and raising awareness on justice, human rights, gender and equality issues. He is an author of the course “Gender and Diverse Groups Matters and Media”, which was elaborated with US scholars and is groundbreaking arrival in Georgian curricula.
From 1998-2003 Vladimer was journalist, reporter and deputy editor of the various newspapers in Georgia. He is author of one scientific work, five scientific articles and more than ten books on communication, gender and human rights.
In 2018 Mr. Mkervalishvili is elected as a member of GREVIO - an independent expert body at Council of Europe, responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention).
Nana Mchedlidze joined the team of “Article 42” in January, 2020.
Nana Mchedlidze obtained LLM from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom (2005-2006); LLM from Utrecht University in the Netherlands (2007-2008); LLB+LLM from Tbilisi State University in Georgia (1994-1999). Studied in Birmingham University in the United Kingdom, in the Council of Europe Human Rights Programme and within the same programme underwent internship at a non-governmental human rights organisation based in London, the Aire Centre (2002). Since 2009, has been a visiting lecturer of the Law School, the LLM programme of Tbilisi State University in international human rights law; since 2015, PhD candidate at the same university. 
Work experience:
Ms. Mchedlidze currently works for the EU4Justice project supporting penitentiary and probation systems as a senior human rights expert. Since 2018, has been cooperating with the Georgian Bar Association in terms of the adaptation programme and continued legal education.
In 2012-2016, as a legal expert of the EU/CoE funded projects provided consultation to the courts of general jurisdiction concerning the application of the ECHR in their judgments and decision; in 2008-2012, worked as a legal expert of UNDP Georgia; in 2001-2007, worked for the Constitutional Court in various positions, last position being the Hof the Legal Department; in 1998-2001, worked for the Ministry of Justice in various positions, last position being the Government’s Agent before the ECtHR.
In 2002-2019, under the auspices of the CoE, EU, UNDP, USAID/PROLoG, US Embassy’s Department of Justice, IRZ, GIZ, NRC, GYLA and other organisations, conducted training sessions for judges, assistant judges, prosecutors, lawyers, senior management of penitentiary establishments, medical professionals of the penitentiary system, the Office of the Public Defender of Georgia, NGO activists, journalists and students. As a CoE international expert provided training sessions on the ECHR for the supreme court judges, constitutional court judges and prosecutors of Montenegro, in Podgorica.
Nana Mchedlidze has published up to 40 works (handbooks, researches, and articles).

Devi Devdariani has been a financial manager of the Organization “Article 42 of the Constitution” since 2014.


1990-1996 Graduated from Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Specializing in Engineering-Economical Faculty of Engineering and Economics.
From March to May 2012, was enrolled in a two-month course of International Accounting Standards and Tax Systems and Accounting Program "ORIS Accounting" at Accounting Training Center of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Georgia.
On February 3-7, 2014, he successfully underwent USAID "Fast Financial Workshop".

Work experience:

2013 - 2014 years worked Ltd. "GLG-N GEORGIA" - the chief accountant.

2012 - 2015 was the Chief Accountant of sole proprietor "Spartak Lursmanashvili"

2009 -2012 was the director of "Norma Georgia" Ltd.

2008-2009 was Deputy Director of Solid-Group Ltd.

Technical skills

Languages - Georgian, Russian, English.

Rusudan Gortamashvili joined “Article 42 of the Constitution” in 2019 and has been working as an Administrative Assistant.


2010 - 2014 - Georgian-American University - BA of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy;
2014 - 2016 - Georgian-American University - Master of Social Sciences;

Trainings and certificates:

Juvenile Justice Reform in Georgia - Mediation and Debate (Unicef, Georgian American University, October 2012);
Training in Labor Law (New Vision University, December 2014).

Work experience:

2014 – 2019 – a lawyer at Professor Ferdinand Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Studies LEPL;

Technical Skills:

Languages ​​- Georgian, English.

Since 2006 Anna Tvaradze works as a lawyer at the organization “Article 42 of the Constitution”.


2001- 2006 graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law, Master’s degree.

Work experience:

During this period she was a coordinator of various projects, and has worked on a number of resonant cases. She successfully worked on cases of August War and filed appeals to the European Court. It is also noteworthy that she has got pedagogic skills. She worked as an invited trainer and a project-trainer for many projects. She is currently working on the project ““For Women convicts who have experienced violence and discrimination and better service provision for their children”.

Technical Skills:

Languages ​​- Georgian, Russian, English

Rusudan Mchedlishvili has been working at the position of lawyer at "Article 42 of the Constitution" since 2004.


2000-2005 graduated Tbilisi State Institute of Business, Faculty of Law; academic degree equivalent to Master.
From 2017 to July 2018, Council of Europe Training Program (ILIA / HELP 2017) on the complaints criteria filed in the European Court of Human Rights. "International Law on the Protection of Public Interest" (ILIA Program).

Work experience:

Rusudan is mainly employed in civil and administrative law, although she has experience of working with strategic, constitutional and taxation proceedings.
From March 2014 till March 2018, she worked as a lawyer in the NED project of the Human Rights House Tbilisi, which provided support for activists expelled from Azerbaijan.
Since March 2019 she has been working as a Legal Consultant on the UNHCR project – “Protection and strengthening of refugees, persons with humanitarian status and asylum seekers in Georgia".
She co-authored:
"Procedures for granting refugee and humanitarian status";
Monitoring of the amount of money spent and mobilized for the elimination of damages caused by disaster in Tbilisi on 13-14 June 2015;
Research "Aggressive State Property Privatization Policy or “Georgian-style Privatization";
"Research on existing legislation and practices in business sphere"
"Use of preventive measures in criminal proceedings” - legislation and practice research;
“Research of Legislation and Practice in the Procedural Agreement in Criminal Procedure;"
Women's Legal Guide;
Report on  “Activities of the Constitutional Court of Georgia and the constitutional control in Georgia."

Technical Skills:

Languages ​​- Georgian, Russian

Elene Fileeva works as a lawyer at “Article 42 of the Constitution” since 2003.


1995-2000 -Graduated from Tbilisi University "Legia and Company”.
1995-2000 Graduated from Tbilisi University "Legia and Company", Faculty of Law, Academic Degree equal to Master.
November 2007 - September 2008 - Graduated from the “International Human Rights Course”, Helsinki Fund, Poland.
November 2011 - May, 2013, May - studied in “Women's Human Rights Program”, Bulgaria.
From 2011 till present she is a Doctor of Public Law in Caucasus School of Law.
September 2017- she did The European Programme for Human Rights Education (HELP) for Legal Professionals (ToT)

Work experience:

She worked as a co-coordinator, trainer and expert in many projects, including: Coordinator-lawyer of the International Law in Advocacy Program (ILIA) since June 2017. October-December 2018 - Lawyer in the project "Supporting Persons with Disabilities and Cases"; From July 2018 to July 2018, she worked as a lawyer in the project "Involvement of NGOs in the Criminal Justice Law Process". In 2016 - 2017, she was actively involved in the projects, including the ones of educational character, of the Human Rights House Tbilisi.

From February 2016 to March 2016, she worked on the PROLOG-funded project “Increasing access for women living in the regions” as a lawyer/trainer”. From January 2014 to January 2016 - USAID-funded project "Promotion of Elimination of Gender Discrimination" at the position of senior lawyer in strategic litigation.  2006- 2016 she worked as a project lawyer for "Strategic litigation in Georgia". From May 2012 to December 2013, UNDP's project "Promotion Strengthening of the State Coordinating Council for Persons with Disabilities" was appointed to the position of Expert. From June 2010 - April 2011, she worked as a Coordinator - Lawyer for the UN FOMA funded project "Elimination and Prevention of Domestic Violence". In 2009-2010, she was involved in the “Article 42 of the Constitution" and the Legal Clinic Program of the Caucasus School of Law as a trainer-lawyer.

She works in civil and administrative law, although she has experience in criminal justice and has filed numerous appeals to the European Court of Human Rights. She is the author of the appeal sent to the Committee on “Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women” (case of X and Y against Georgia)

At different times she was actively involved in a variety of judicial and election monitoring processes.

From January 2010 to March 2015, she was a member of the board of the organization, and from August 2014 to March 2015 served as a chairperson of the organization. Since 2014 she has been a member of the editorial board of the South Caucasus Legal Journal.

Technical Skills:

Languages - Russian, Georgian, English

Salome Robakidze is a Legal Consultant at “Article 42 of the Constitution” since March 2019.


In 2017-2018 he completed the research program of the Berlin Humboldt University, the Berlin Foundation Training Fund. In 2015-2016, she participated in the Robert Bosch Foundation's Good Governance Project (Good Governance 2015/16).

In 2012-2013 she completed the Civil Law Master Program of the University of Hamburg (LL.M.), DAAD Fellowship. In 2008-2010 she graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University's Master Program in Private Law. In 2004-2008 she completed the Bachelor's Degree of the Faculty of Law at the same University.

Work experience:

Since March 2019, a legal consultant is in the project supported by UNHCR in Georgia "The protection and strengthening of refugees, persons with humanitarian status and asylum seekers in Georgia".
October 2010 - September 2012 Assistant to the Judge - Tbilisi City Court Civil Affairs Board.
January 2014 - September 2017 Assistant to the Judge - Tbilisi City Court Civil Affairs Board.
March 2016 - July 2016 - Practitioner in the German Parliament, Federal Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, within the German Parliamentary International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS).
February 2008-November 2008 - Assistant to Advocate/Legal Advisor at Georgian Young Lawyers' Association Legal Aid Service

Technical Skills:

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English and German.

Since January 2019, Ana Gudadze has been working in the framework of the project funded by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees “Protection and strengthening of refugees, humanitarian status and asylum seekers in Georgia" at “Article 42 of the Constitution”.


In 2018, she graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Master's Program in Law and awarded Master's Degree with honors. That same year she enrolled in European University Viadrina in Germany where she studied the European system of human rights protection. In 2011-2015 she studied at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Law. She finished Georgian-American High School.

Work experience:

From January 2019 to the present day, Ana Gudadze has been working as a lawyer in a UNHCR-funded project “Protection and strengthening of refugees, humanitarian status and asylum seekers in Georgia" at “Article 42 of the Constitution”.
In 2017-2018, she served as a lawyer in civil and administrative law and cooperated with various private companies.
In 2013-2017 she worked as a lawyer and a specialist of International Projects Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and "Georgian Amelioration" LTD.
In 2015 she worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Bank Business Forum.

Additional Information:

Since 2018, she is a member of the Strengthening Women Network with the support of the Center for Progress and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Since 2017, she is a member of the Georgian Bar Association.
In 2017, the training of trainers organized by the Training Center of Justice Ministry of Justice of Georgia and within the framework of cooperation with the same center and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University conducted trainings for citizens in different fields of law.
2016 fall term- led lessons on the law at Tbilisi Public School # 60.
She is the Co-author Assistant (Sergi Jorbenadze) on Media Law Textbook (Sergi Jorbenadze, Ushangi Bakadze, Zurab Macharadze, Tbilisi, 2014) and Comments on the Civil Code of Georgia (GIZ, USAID, PROLoG Cooperation,

Technical skills:

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

Nino Gabrichidze works as a research specialist for information about the country of origin since March 1, 2019 at "Article 42 of the Constitution".


2015, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Bachelor Program in International Relations
2018 she was awarded Master of Science in Political Sciences at Free University Berlin;

Work experience:

Since March 1, 2019, “Protection and strengthening of refugees, persons with humanitarian status and asylum seekers in Georgia” supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR);
In 2017, underwent practical work at the Research Center of German External Relations Council (DGAP), Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, Berlin, Germany;
In 2015 she worked as a project assistant at the organization "Cooperation for Peace and Progress" (CPP), Project "Unknown Soviet Past", Tbilisi
In 2015 she underwent internship at the “Transparency International” Georgian office.

Technique Skills:

Languages: Georgian, English, German, Russian.